A Victory for NYC Recycling
Explore the economic impact of foam and foam recycling.

The foam industry provides thousands of jobs and saves millions of dollars every year.

A ban on polystyrene foam would mean a serious impact on small business owners and organizations that would be forced to trade in their valuable and effective foam products for costly alternatives.

Foam Across Industries

A typical foam food tray costs significantly less than a compostable tray – saving some school districts over a million dollars per year.
Most hospitals use polystyrene foam products to minimize exposure to bacteria and other foodborne pathogens.
Polystyrene foam can be recycled and used in the manufacturing of new consumer goods, such as picture frames, crown molding and plant containers.
Restaurants throughout New York City will see a $57 million increase in the costs of foodservice products should a ban on foam products take effect.
Small Business
90% of the restaurants in New York City are locally owned and considered small businesses. This segment will face the brunt of the burden should this ban take effect.
Because of its lightweight structure, polystyrene foam is a preferred protective packaging for use in shipping valuable items.

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