Foam recycling wins again!

In what is sure to be hailed as a decisive victory for the environment, the New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division denied New York City’s motion to reinstate a foam ban, opening the door to foam recycling opportunities in the Big Apple.

Many groups applauded this decision, including the Restaurant Action Alliance, Dart Container Corporation, and New York City’s restaurant owners. Foam offers economic and performance advantages over alternative materials, which is why New York’s hardworking restaurant owners—and patrons—enjoy using it. By upholding its earlier decision to overturn the City’s foam ban, the New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division is standing with the City’s restaurants, patrons, and citizens, while doing what’s best for the environment.

The foam industry has long been an advocate for foam recycling, and has even offered to fund a comprehensive recycling program in New York City. If the Mayor and the Sanitation Commissioner decide to implement the foam industry’s generous recycling proposal, everyone in the City stands to win.

In fact, by allowing foam recycling to move forward, the City will save hundreds of jobs and bring in millions of dollars in savings. And that’s a prosperous future that no one should ban.

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