Say Yes to Foam Recycling

The New York City Mayor’s office has proposed a ban that will prevent restaurants from using foam cups and take-out containers. We have a better solution: instead of banning foam, let’s recycle it. While the proposed ban will only apply to foam cups and food containers, a recycling solution will result in the recycling of all foam cups and food containers – plus a lot more.

Nearly 26,000 tons of polystyrene containers and packaging end up in New York City’s residential waste stream each year, according to the city’s latest Waste Characterization report. With our solution, if all of this material is recycled, the city would save more than 2 million dollars each year on landfill fees. Plus, at our guaranteed price the material would generate more than 4 million dollars in revenue each year. In total, a recycling solution could mean more than 6 million dollars each year for New York City.

Foam could easily be recycled using New York City’s existing curbside infrastructure. Recycling is a win for New York City, its citizens and the environment.

Say No to the proposed ban on foam containers, and say Yes to foam recycling.

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